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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sitting Room at Beth's House

Going back in time, here is one of my first attempts at watercolor painting in 2002. I call this one
Bethany's Butterflies. Our friend, Beth, gave Bethany and me watercolor lessons at her house. The subject was from Bethany's tee shirt she was wearing. Bethany was only 8 then.

Here's another room at my friend's former house. Right after we painted the butterflies, I tried to paint the living room in watercolors using my oil painting techniques and some pointers Beth had just taught us. At this point I realized that I could paint in watercolors by using what I know of drawing and painting. After this, Bethany and I took more private lessons in watercolor together from another artist. This all happened during the years Bethany was home schooled.

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