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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding in Soquel Day 7- Back to the drawing board

Here is the painting taken in the daylight. I like how the Ott light from last night showed me the way it will look with more whites on the gazebo and tent, so I'll definitely do that today. This will be my last photo in the step by step till I show you the completed painting. Don't know when that will be, but I'll have other posts from my exciting adventures in painting!

Couldn't wait to show you what I've done since the regrouping earlier (that was around 4:30 pm and I've been working till now, 11:00 pm) This was taken with an Ott light, so I'll have to take it again tomorrow. I'm happy with how the barrels are coming out and that the path is fitting in better. Tomorrow, flowers, flowers, flowers.

Sometimes I reach a point in a painting where I really don't know what to do next, and I hit that point today. I thought I needed to change this or that, but after I went back to my original idea, and after I asked a friend to help, I broke through and have a clear path ahead of me again. I am about half way there so it makes sense that I'd re-evaluate my direction in how to complete this painting in the best way. By the way, the friend I told you about, it's her birthday today!
Happy Birthday Barbra Joan! Thanks for being a good friend.


  1. That's so nice, the whole progress is fascinating.

  2. Thank you! It helps me to chronicle it step by step too. This way I can remind myself that when you hit a roadblock it's not the end. You just have to figure out another way to take the next step...

  3. WOW Char, it looks fantastic!! the path is great and I like the placement of everything. You have a good sense for these things.

  4. I changed the color of the grass and the path since this photo. I've counted 5 times so far! I'm still working on the background and no flowers yet. I'm liking acrylics!

  5. Yes, Char you are finding your way very well.. I like this oh so much... I especially like the whites ... Thanks for the Happy Birthday.. yes, another one bites the dust!

  6. Put more hydrangeas and other flowers in the foreground and it is feeling more complete.


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