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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cabin in the Snow - Day 2

So, not so hard after all. I didn't wreck it, and I found that I actually really like it and that's why I keep painting! (amazing for someone who has to relearn this fact every new painting!)
Now I'll work on it some more and take a picture of it in the morning light. Let's see how far I get! Oh, did I mention this is our family cabin and it holds a special place in my heart?
Day 2 of making the Christmas Card. Last night I went over all the pencil lines with different colored artist ink pens. The next step was to paint it, but this is usually the hardest time for me. I look at the drawing and think that I may just mess it up and waste all the work I've done so far.
Then I think, "How in the world am I going to do this? What colors should I actually use, how should I put in the light, how much white should I save..." After taking way too long to set up my painting area (procrastinating) I then stare at it for a long time, getting up the nerve to put paint to paper. Then I try out paint on a scrap watercolor paper. Then I take the plunge! (ask my friends and family, it's the same drill every time.)

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