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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wine and Books

 On Friday I painted and and framed 3 watercolors I studied from a lovely book on how to paint watercolors (the first photo). My intention was to sell my studies only at the Coffee Society giving credit to the author. However, my critiquing gallery here at home thought I'd do better if I drew and painted my own. I think they were right (what do you think)?  So I took the paintings out of the frames and painted the first one again today. I'm calling it, Wine and Books.  Now I can make cards and prints from it too. Even though my originals from the book were ok, they didn't have much of me in them. But as you can see, this first one has my tablecloth and chair in it and even my first "signed book"! Tomorrow I'll paint the other two. Happy 4th of July everyone!


  1. Char, you did great with these, they are You! cards would be perfect for these.. BJ

  2. Thanks Barbara Joan!I'm planning on making cards for the next two paintings I'll do like the one I did for the picture on top. I think I'll do a whole series of still lifes from things around my house I love.

  3. Yours is much better! The kids were right, glad you listened to them.

  4. Thanks Christine. Theirs was a sketch for a book, no shadows and no table top to put the shadows on! I just need to own everything from now on.


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