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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wedding in Soquel Day 6- Adding more elements, highlighting and correcting

On to day 6 of this wedding painting. It's Saturday and I have the whole day to paint. I hope to get very far along with it. I love putting in the elements and even correcting things when they need it. Thanks to Rich for suggesting I measure the photos of the actual wine barrels with a ruler and then measure what I painted in to get the proportions right. Things are open to lots of change at this stage. You just don't know how some things will look till after you put in everything around it. I am liking the focal point though.


  1. Char, this a.m. I came onto your blog and have looked and read everything.. I think this acrylic will not be around very long ... Its fantastic, love the palette. its large and of course the subject.. wow ! is all I can say.

  2. Thanks! I like the top third so far, but now, what to do with the rest? I think I need to add all the warm colors to the grass and cool down the path (maybe change direction or eliminate some width). Still, I intended to put flowers hanging over it. What do you think?


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