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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Queen of the Night...Sold a Night Before the Show!

Queen of the Night... Sold! Guess where? At Aaron Brothers to a very nice lady who was getting a frame at the same time I was reframing this (the glass got cracked while transporting it from the Garden Party sale in August this year to my home). She saw my painting and heard I was entering it into a juried show the next day for sale and said it matched the colors in her living room so well. So I sold it to her, and as they were taking it into the framing room I said goodbye to an old friend who found a loving new home. What a road this painting traveled: the subject matter started in Peru (its a Peruvian Tree Cactus Flower), then went to Melbourne Australia where my brother found it on the cover of a Sunday newspaper and sent it to me, to America (where I painted it), back to Australia to my brother who personally thanked the photographer (who grows the cactus in his back yard) with a print, and finally to a woman of East Indian decent who thought it would match her home. Maybe it will go to India some day?

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