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Friday, September 24, 2010

Making Lavender Sachets

I love sewing, smelling lavender and painting so combining these three activities into one tiny bundle delights me to no end. Here you can see some of the steps it takes for me to make my lavender sachets. I grow the lavender in my front yard from two plants and my next door neighbor also is giving me her lavender now. Then I harvest it and let it dry in pillow cases and roll the cases to release the seeds. After I paint the paintings I take a photo of them and then copy them onto printer fabric. The fabric is then ironed and cut and sewn onto pouches. Then I clean up the lavender by sifting it etc. and scoop it into the pouches. There you have it: 72 pouches of lavender and 2 days later! I'll be selling these lavender pouches at my 4 upcoming shows in October, November and December. One of the shows will be at Villa Montalvo at their Yuletide celebration in November. Come on by! There's one with your name on it!


  1. Oh you clever girl you... I have one tiny pot of lavender in my back yard.. It keeps blooming and I cut and it blooms again... I am going to try to 'dry' them...
    ps I see my quilt on the back of your chair.. love your pooch too.

  2. Yes, I was hoping you'd see your quilt. It's always on my chair now and it is an inspiration when I sew. Thanks!
    oh yes, Caspian is always next to me. He's in the same position as I write. What a good pal he is.


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