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Friday, September 24, 2010

Watercolor Art Journal

A new art form for me! Here is my first Art Journal. I have 2 new jobs now and for one I'll be team teaching art with my friend Christine (from www.ChristinesArts.blogspot.com) at the Saratoga Senior Center. Our first 4 week class is going to be on how to make Art Journals. Christine came over for a few days this week and we each made one (I'm sure Christine will show you hers if you ask nicely.) You can make these for telling stories, dreaming about what you'd love to do, writing poetry, scrap booking, you name it. I decided to make my first one as an instructional tool for showing some color theory and watercolor techniques (for example, you can see I sprinkled some salt on the bottom right corner of the cover to get the paint to push away.) I haven't finished the last 3 page pull out yet. I'm thinking of painting an actual landscape painting applying all the techniques and demonstrating which brushes I use. (I'll add that when I finish). I'll take photos as I teach the class too and I'll let you see what they've created. So more to come! Special thanks and recognition to Teesha Moore for instruction on her blog on how to create Art Journals.


  1. Hey Char, You're journal looks great. I'm amazed at how differently everyone's journals turn out with their new ideas etc. I'll have to post what I did today too. See ya.

  2. Ok. Can't wait to see what you did today.


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