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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Villa Montalvo Domed Resting Spot

I'm getting closer and closer to finishing the paintings for my calendar! Here is a pretty little resting spot at Villa Montalvo. One day last winter I parked in the lot and then was so surprised to see this dome when I looked up. This one probably will be December in the calendar. Two more to go!


  1. cHARlene, love this ,, it's so well done..
    you've hit upon a never ending subject.

  2. Thanks again. I know. More to come too.

  3. They all look great and this is one of my favorites of scenes of Montalvo. ooooh sounds like a calendar title.

  4. Scenes of Montalvo... like it. Thanks!

  5. Char,
    I could see myself 'resting' in this spot under the 'Dome'!
    Michael :)

  6. When you come back you'll get a chance to! I'll tell you how the trail is. They're suppose to be great.


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