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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Villa Montalvo Stables

Today, 9/18/2010... Finished!!! Thankyou Deborah for your suggestion on finishing touches. And now (drum roll please Rich, on to the calendar!)

And now I'm almost finished, but what else does it need ?(beside my signature).

and then...Stables with more color and tree. Halfway there?...

The next day 9-17-2010...Stables with some color...

9-16-2010: Here is my preliminary pen and ink drawing for the Villa Montalvo Stables. I didn't even know it was at Montalvo until someone at the summer luncheons suggested I'd like to paint it. I found it off the last parking lot nestled in the woods. Now it is used as a ceramics studio and for other things, but I can imagine it as it use to be, with the horses nearby ready to retire for the day. Tomorrow I hope to watercolor it and then... I will have all the paintings I need to finish my calendar!! I love the challenge of completing a project. So rewarding.


  1. ok ok ok I love it... it has your unique style . I think I would have known it as yours ... and that is definetly a good forward step... so don't stop now..!!!

  2. Great job Char,
    I love how the light plays on the roof! It's good to watch the painting come alive too with the progression. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Excellent paintings! Looks like you hit a new stride...Very perspective-heavy stuff here!

  4. I had a great photo to work from where I could see the light clearly streaming down. I like to show the progression too. Thanks!

  5. Wow! I can see the 'Horses' ready to enter the stable for a 'well earned rest'!
    Great work, Char!
    M.G.W. :)
    P.S. Looking forward to the 'Calendar'! :)

  6. Thanks walshkid! It's now used as an art studio.
    My calendars are being shipped today!!


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