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Monday, March 15, 2010

Woodland Walk (part 6)

The Walkers! I made a b&w copy of the original photo and the blew it up 200, 275, and 300%.
I chose the 200% size and taped it to carbon paper and then those to the painting. Then I outlined the figures with pencil on the photo. The carbon comes right off when you paint.


  1. This looks so great Char, it looks like a place I want to go to. The mist makes the painting so memorable and brings back memories too of places I've been.

  2. Thanks Christine. Some of my best times have been on walks with family through the Redwoods. Someone wants me to move the walker over to the right so they'll be going into the light instead of the trees. I think I'll make the ground brighter and then move them over.


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