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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Woodland Walk (part 4)

Here's the Woodland Walk after 2&1/2 more hours of work. I defined more midground trees and then I got brave and started putting in a heavy fog rolling through the whole painting! Once I got started I couldn't stop! It's hard to feel like you're "messing up" all the previous work you took hours getting "just right", but changing the mood to what you want trumps being perfect!
(I cut off the tree on the left in this photo, but I had to show you Cozette begging to go out. She matches the color of the painting too!)


  1. Very good Char. Love the way it's going.. The mist just 'made' it. and misting out that big tree on the left was a good move. My eye went to that in the first one.

  2. I agree. The tree had to be put into the back groundish more. I'm thinking of darkening the oranges before I put the figures in. What do you think?


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