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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to have fun procrastinating...

Today I feel the way my dogs look... so I did some creative procrastinating. I brushed the dogs for about 3 hours, I added 33 new art (some food) blog sites as favorites to follow (check them out on bottom of the page, they're great! Thanks Christine!), and I searched on my photos for things to paint (my cat Chino who never minds me taking his photo.) Now I'm watching the rain pouring down and talking about art with my son that came for a visit. Time to get my daughter from school. I enjoyed this parenthesis. See ya next time...


  1. Char, what a nice post you did here. love to hear and see what your up to these days. And your 'cornpones kids' are so good looking too.

  2. Don't the cornpone kids put the honey in our lives? They are beautiful, huh... and so much nicer now that I'm brushing them every day.
    Thanks Barbara.

  3. Oh, what a day that was. Still feeling very slow from a cold I caught. It's a blessing in disguise since you slow down enough to appreciate what normally goes zipping by!
    How's your new home in Washington?


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