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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ukranian Egg Decoration Festival

Last Sunday a group of us painted Ukranian Egg Decorations. What fun it was to paint with four of my favorite ladies (my three daughters and my wonderful sister in law). This was the first time for Bethany, Aletheia, Katherine and me so Corinne did an excellent demonstration for us with the kistkas, dyes, pattern books, candles and bees wax. My thanks to Dave for taking the great pictures. I found a series of good you tube demos of the process and included them on my next post. You may just find a brand new art form you'll love!


  1. Hi Char.... these are so creative, I'd heard of this kind of egg decorating.... glad to hear your enjoying yourself, and hope all is well.. sounds pretty good?
    Will write you very soon.. love BJ

  2. I think you'd like doing these for fun. They seem like the perfect art to collect!

  3. sure .. like I don't have enough to do already !!!

  4. Ha ha. Ok. I you're excused from this one.


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