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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Website Using Weebly

I now have a new website with Weebly.com! Same web address, different web provider. I recommend it for ease of use and a great price. I can now sell my art and gifts on my website so I'll be adding them as soon as I can. Visit it at my web address: http://www.celioarts.com/. See you over there soon! CC


  1. Hi Char... just went onto your new website and I'm loving it.. and when did you do all those neat interior pics. ????
    I'd like to start my site there , but will possibly need my cousin to help me...
    I like the way it is formatted .. Good luck with it?

  2. Barbra Joan,
    I think you'll really like using this site.
    Do you mean the Youtubes? One of the guys in the band filmed the band while they were playing. If you mean the posters for the art classes, I made the Senior Center one and Michaels made the one there. This website will be quite an adventure!

  3. Oh, I know now. The interior pics were done from my England trip and from my friend's place.
    Love to draw and paint cozy places.

  4. OK I'm working on it... slow . slow


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