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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Villa Montalvo Wedding Spot

Villa Montalvo looks good from every angle and that's why I think it's a great place to paint. Here is the back of the Villa where they have weddings. I thought I'd be finished with this and sell it during the summer luncheons, but I just finished it today (a day after the last luncheon day), so now I'll sell it at the Montalvo Yuletide in November.

I have 7 paintings completed and 5 other paintings from Montalvo drawn out and ready to be painted. Altogether I'll have 12 paintings of the Villa and grounds so hopefully I'll be able to make a calendar! (I love calenders and collect them so it will be fun to make one of my own.)


  1. You made a very pretty painting.

  2. Hey Char,
    You are 'Amazing'!
    Bit of Meme in the colours! :)
    M.G.W. :)

  3. Ha ha. Which colors are you referring to? Or does it remind you of one of her afghans?

  4. Charlene, stopped by here to see what your up to and I see you've been doing what you do best. ! Love these Montalvo works.. Beautiful. BJ

  5. Thankyou Barbra Joan! More to come...


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