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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Villa Montalvo Gift Shop at the Summer Luncheons 2010

Charlene and Christine selling art at Villa Montalvo

Montalvo Summer Gift Shop

Ladies at the Montalvo Summer Luncheons

Hi again! I was pretty busy this summer and couldn't get to my blog, but now it's time to give you an update on some of the things that kept me so busy. Every Wednesday in July and August I was a vendor at Villa Montalvo for their summer luncheon series. This is the first time they tried having a gift shop while the ladies lunched and had a fashion show. For three of the eight weeks I shared a booth with my artist friend, Christine (check out her blog at http://www.christinesarts.blogspot.com/). Across from me was a fantastic jeweler, Cynthia Sasakia. At the other tables were Big Paws Oils and Vinegar, Narsai David's Specialty Foods and the Montalvo Service Group. By the time the 8 weeks were over I became much more familiar with all the setting up and packing away you have to do with a temporary store. So much work, but the funny thing is, now I think I'll miss that routine. It was a great experience and I will consider doing it again next year.

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