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Monday, February 15, 2010

Van Wickle Gates in the Fall

Here is a watercolor I painted in December '09 of the Van Wickle Gates from Brown University in Rhode Island. This was a commissioned painting from someone who saw the first "Gates" painting I posted here on my blog on 2/22/09. To make this one unique, I drew out parts of the painting with ink, and changed the season and color palette. This time I painted the bricks in front with a kind of plaid coloring to remind one of chilly Fall air and the east coast woolens.

I love the challenge of painting commissions. Matching a person's idea of what they'd like to receive with my interpreting it into a painting for them is like puzzle work to me, only easier since I get to make it up. Hopefully the finished product is better than what we both expected. In this case I know we were both happy with the result.


  1. Char, Your detailed rendition of this is excellent. I can see your style emerging and would almost be able to know your work without seeing the name! Very Nice!!

  2. Looks beautiful Char! It feels crisp like the days you are describing in your post.


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