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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunflower Farm in Gilroy, CA

This farm was across the street from the seed flower farm in Gilroy. So much yellow, orange and green in one place. I painted it on a full sheet of watercolor paper and had it professionally matted and framed for my gallery show.


  1. Beautiul! Char ... Just checkin'' in on all your new work.

  2. I wish I could paint farms all the time. The next ones have to have animals in them again.

  3. You captured the sun and put it on paper in this one! I'm impressed with the depth of the scene and your choices of editing details as the flowers go back. I didn't know they had sunflower farms. Is that for the seeds or to sell the plants?

  4. I'm pretty sure they grow the flowers for the seeds. Right across the street was a seed flower farm so I painted that too. Thanks for your comments! God bless!


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