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Friday, June 12, 2009

Phillip Island-- Day 6

Look at the tails on these seagulls, black with polka dots. Their calls are shriek and long, quite different from those back home.

One of the locals told us a recent storm washed up tree branches onto shore.
Can you see the seahorse in this log?
The colors of the sky and the ocean had a opalescent hue.

Into the Harry Potter forest, oh my!

Walking to the beach close by.
Look at this little visitor Michael found in the beach house we stayed in. It's harmless and beautiful, but I didn't get too close to it. It's called a Huntsman spider- B and I were commenting on how much it blends in with the colors of the trees there.
What a wonderful, activity filled weekend we had on Phillip Island. In this first picture from the drive along the way, I was amazed again at just how much some areas look like the east foothills I grew up in- in San Jose, California.

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