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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First 5 days of our Australia Vacation

Hello again!
Bethany and I are having a wonderful time here in Melbourne, Australia. Our hosts are so gracious and it's great to stay with family. Over these last 5 days we've toured the city of Melbourne, seen our niece/cousin practice with her partner high up on the trapeze, visited an art museum, and eaten scones with heavy cream and jam. We've climbed to the summit at Hanging Rock (a lava rock formation) and seen panoramic vistas of idyllic farmlands below (complete with a rainbow!) We watched a mom and her daughter (the real little red riding hood) try to retrieve their blanket from a kangaroo who planked herself down on it waiting for food from their picnic basket (they never did get fed and hopped away). We shopped at colorful St Andrews Market (think Santa Cruz and artsy/alternative dressers) and I've never seen so many dreadlocks in my life (they even sell synthetic dreadlocks)! At this place I couldn't stop taking pictures and we had so many friendly well wishers!
We'll be away for a few days at the coast, but when we come back I'll figure out how to get my photos on the site (got some great shots for all of you, trust me.)
Take care everyone!
No worries,

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