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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Sisters Pond- a study of a painting by Dan Fong Liang

Here's a class study of a painting by the amazing artist, Dan-Fong Liang. (I liked it so much I painted it twice.) The photo I took is of my painting behind glass, so you see a reflection of me taking the photo. I went online today to discover more about this artist and what I found out about her is a treasure in itself. She lived life under difficult circumstances and conditions, but these only made her more determined to paint the beauty of the world. You may find it interesting and inspiring to read what I read. Here's the link:

2001 summer

- 2:40pmLiang Dan-fong, 66, is one of the most outstanding woman painters in Taiwan. Wearing a traditional Chinese cheongsam (a close-fitting dress with a high neck ...
taipei.tzuchi.org.tw/tzquart/2001su/qs4.htm - 27k - Cached - Similar pages -

Google her name and more links will come up too.

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  1. Well color, color. of course, thats what makes the painting here. that blue and orange, Charlene you are so daring. LOL! Good work.!!!


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