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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calla Lilies at Deborah's

You only have to go into your own yard, or in this case, Deborah's yard, to find something to paint plein air. These lilies seemed to be doing a delicate, choreographed dance while they were blowing in the wind. God's creation is wonderful!


  1. Wow Charlene, color on this piece is wonderful! I always love color on other peoples work then I'm so timeid when it comes to mine. Love this.!

  2. Thanks for commenting Barbra! I was intentionally trying to be bolder with these colors and to push myself to use more contrast. I think you can get away with doing that when you have a lot of pure white in the painting. And I wanted to see how the complementary reds and greens played off each other. I think I'm in the mood to experiment and try something different these days.

  3. Well I say good for you, it worked!!! thanks for visiting ... No I don't make prints or cards, I never got into that end of it, only originals, I'm so glad you liked my art and I had more compliments on the teacups than just about anything else.!


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