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Monday, January 26, 2009

From A to Z: Mountains to the Sea


  1. Hello Charlene!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I see that you have a nice blog with prolific updates here :)
    Your paintings are nice, especially the moody landscapes!

  2. Thank you too for visiting my blog and for your comments on my landscapes. The moodiness must come from my large artistic mood swings.

  3. As the admiring owner of this fine painting , Nevadans who stay here comment on the quality of color selection , especially the silvery purple mist .
    Some think the setting is up in Nevada's Virginia Foothills while others claim it is near Fallon, Nevada. Wherever this scene is depicted - it warms the hearts of those who proudly proclaim in their state song, " Home means Nevada to me ... "

    My guests admire these wild mustangs shown off so regally in their habitat while in the background plays the song so fitting - "Born Free".

  4. Oh, what nice comments by you and your friends. This is of the painting Mustangs, Wild and Free.


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