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Thursday, January 22, 2009

From A to Z: (A) Humpback Whale and Her Calf

This is a large 24x36" oil painting. I loved painting the barnacles on these whales.


  1. Thanks for the comment... love your work, Charlene. Five children, a husband... and you still find time to create all these lovely paintings! How inspiring : )

    This painting is tranquil yet powerful - such a great contrast. I love the way that you captured the light as it filters through the ocean depths. Good luck with your future art endeavors.

  2. Hi Corinn,
    Thank you too. I do have time now since 3 of my children have their own place and one is away at college. I was busy till they all moved out at once (2 years ago) then it seemed instantly I had too much time on my hands!

    A secret about the lighting on the whales: I took the photo of the painting when the light was coming in through the blinds. When I saw the mistake, I liked it and kept it in the photo!
    Take care and please keep painting.


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