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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Set for 42nd street

I'm helping out with the high school musical my daughter is in by painting some of the background sets. Each of these four panels is 8'x4'. Another mom and I traced the collage onto transparencies and then projected them onto the black cardboard panels. Then we traced again onto the panels with chalk. Today some of the parents will start painting in the gates while I'll be at Michaels doing another painting demonstration. I'll take pictures as we go. It's fun to work on a large scale.


  1. Char, this is fantastic , it was my dream when young (younger?) to do this sort of thing.. keep me posted as to progress, and Happy Birthdays and good luck to Bethany on all her projects... love you

  2. Hi Barbra Joan,
    I could sure use your help to decipher how to paint it! I'm going to post today how the parents did on the gates. Pretty good work. Nice to have extra hands to complete the project.

  3. It is awesome that your daughter is in a musical. I just finished my musical review called 100 Years of Broadway on Thursday of this week. It was lots of fun! Yay for musicals!

  4. Your review sounds wonderful! Yes, 42nd street was fun too. Pictures to follow!


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