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Monday, November 15, 2010

Silicon Valley EVA Artists Miniatures Show

Recognize some of these?

Last Saturday I had an art show with my art club, the East Valley Artists, at a local restaurant.
I had the privilege of heading it up this time so it was good practice for me. Only 8 of us could make it, but it was well worth the effort to get out there and offer our artwork for sale to our neighbors. We made it a miniatures show, so the originals had to be under 11x14". I'd like to do this again but next time plan for everyone to paint the same size painting on the same material.


  1. oh Charlene, your just doing it all. I'm so proud of you... The more you do.. the more you learn.. Looks like your having a good time too. !

  2. It is a blast, especially when you do things with friends. Wish you were here to be in our shows. I'm sure you'll find the artists in your new community and start up something colorful and creative! You sure do inspire me!


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