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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yellow Irises

Time to paint for Gallery Saratoga again (new paintings go up on Monday for April) , and I've decided to paint a series of irises. Why did I choose irises? Well, first of all because I love them so much. I mean I really delight in them. We had blue, purple and yellow irises in our yard in Massachusetts when I was growing up, and in my Grandfather's yard across the street. Irises are at the top of my list of favorite flowers along with yellow roses and hollyhocks (also in my childhood gardens.)
I think God made such an elegantly beautiful flower in the iris. In fact, I started painting this particular flower in acrylics on an 18x24 canvas, but I didn't feel confident that I could bring out the delicate flowing lines in acrylics, so I switched to drawing and watercolor.
The other reason I chose irises is that there's going to be a show at Nola's Iris Garden on Sierra Road in San Jose on May 8 and 9th (come by if you can), so if they don't sell at the Gallery in April, I can just take them over to Nola's in May. I have another show in April and many more I've signed up for throughout the year, so it's much better I plan ahead to avoid getting nervous or have to stay up all night painting. (I've done this many times before, but if you can't think straight or talk coherently to people at the show because of sleep deprivation, what's the point?) Keep tuned, at least 4 more irises to come...


  1. Char, this is so lovely, I'm convinced that this is your (best) style as everytime I see one of these, I like them more and more. Such color, movement and yes, style.

  2. Thank you so much Barbra Joan. Out of all the styles I try, this one is the most natural and relaxing to do.


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