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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flower Farm in Gilroy

Hot off the press! I just finished this painting last night. I took the photo while on a road trip to Los Angeles with my daughter, Katherine, this summer. I was snapping photos along the way when to my great and delighted surprise I saw this flower/seed farm at the 101 and 152 junction in Gilroy, California. Then I looked to my right and saw a sunflower farm! I've already drawn that one out on paper and I'm ready to paint it today. Both of these paintings will be ready to show for my artist's reception at Gallery Saratoga on Dec 12th. Come on by!


  1. nice, i like it. who knew gilroy could be so cute?

  2. Oh, get ready, there's more to come.
    Thanks A!

  3. Thanks Jill! I haven't forgotten about your Creation blog. Maybe next year I'll paint for it.

  4. Cha,
    What colours and in such straight rows! :)
    You see so much in nature!
    Michael :)

  5. Thanks Michael! I just just sold a framed tile of this at my Fabrication show and got an order for 3 more tiles and 3 cups with the farm on it. One lady said she wants her and her friends to drink from them when they play Farmville on Facebook. I thought that was a very interesting idea!


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