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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Making of the Cabin Collection

Hi! In this entry I want to show you what it was like at the end of July, beginning of August for me. I took on this project of making an entirely new collection of paintings to hang at the gallery for August. I've been in the gallery since February and have had to provide from 5 to 8 new paintings each month (with a few I could carry over from a previous month.) So by the time August rolled around I ran out of new and slightly reused paintings! The only thing I could do was to paint like a madwoman... 7 paintings in 2 weeks! I drew on my old elementary school teaching skills to "assembly line" each step of the way. First, I drew them all out. Then I painted one background, and while that was drying I started another and then another and another....

In the second picture you see the framing process. Same assembly line mentality. You never know when you will use the skills you learned for another job on a totally different job. I remembered when I was teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School and had to prepare the crafts for 25 to 75 kids. This felt so much like that.

The last picture shows the paintings hung at the gallery. I finished 6 of the 7 paintings. One is still here in the studio waiting on me for inspiration. Since then 2 of the paintings found good homes. I'm glad I finished it since now I can bring six of them to another show I'll be attending in Roseville on October 17th. That'll be a piece of cake now that I have all the paintings I need for it.


  1. Yes, I think I passed a milestone. Now I know I can create multiple pieces for a deadline and still enjoy most of the process!


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