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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seascape Beach Resort Wedding Bluff #5

Hello my blogging friends! I've been back from Australia for about a month now and getting back into my routine, though it is summertime and I'm still going with the flow around here. I have many more great photos to show you of my trip, but they will come along later. I've been painting little paintings in between attending a wedding, a memorial service, framing for the gallery, family gatherings, cooking for groups of teenagers and hungry 20 somethings, watching fireworks at the beach, two road trips to L.A. with my actress daughter Katherine, tending to 2 sick dogs one week after another.... you get the idea.
Thought I'd show you one painting from that continuing series I have. How many ways can you paint one place? Well, this is #6 (#5 flopped) and I'm working on what may be my personal favorite, #7 (show you that soon.) Since it is a place for weddings I decided to throw roses on the path. Then I put the tree shadows all along it and the grass. I think the effect is interesting. It's like one of those seeing double paintings where it can look like shadows and petals on the sidewalk or a crumpled up red and white sheet. Oh the fun of painting.

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