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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vase of Orchids Card and Envelope

Last Thursday when I was sitting in the gallery, I was looking for things to do while I waited for people to come in. We're encouraged to do art work in the gallery, so I found this deckled edge card in my purse, took out a pencil and drew the orchids and vase someone had brought in. Then I drew over it with a regular black ink pen. The next day I painted it and the back of the card and wrote a note to someone and mailed it. I think I'll do this again!


  1. Yes, Char do it again!and again!

  2. Ok! Thanks! This morning I saw a hummingbird drinking from my yellow irises then flit off to my lavender in my front yard. I took pictures of the iris yesterday afternoon and was looking at calender pictures of hummingbirds yesterday before that. It's like God just gave me a little inspiration in putting the two things together. I'm on it!


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