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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Show, Shows, and More Shows

I had a successful show at the San Jose Women's Club last Saturday. In a silent auction I won a great little china cabinet to use in my art studio. It was worth going just for that. I also met a very talented artisan who makes jewelry, gourds, candles, and other things. I'll post some of her great products. Her company is A Beading You'll Never Forget. Look her up and say hi for me.
Now I'm preparing for another show in Sunnyvale on Thursday and Friday at the Senior Center.
What to make, what to make.....


  1. Char,
    What a purchase (china cabinet) and having 'special' items to place inside!

    Mich :)

  2. Love it. On second thought i think i WILL take it. Muuahaha.


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