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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My First Day of my Renewed Blog!!!!


This is my second attempt at a blog. I think I can really keep it up this time. Well, I hope I can! My first blog was deleted from memory since I only updated it one time, two years ago

The reason I'm going to re-start this blog is that I have a lot of artwork to show whoever would like to see it. It's also for sale. Maybe one of the reasons I didn't update my first blog was because I was so busy painting and making things that I had no time. I also have a website (www.celioarts.com) and thought that would be sufficient, but I don't know how to update it easily. My younger son who did the updating for me moved away to college. My older son said I should go back to keeping a blog spot. So here we are..... I also like to write.

So whoever reads this, you're in for a very pleasant surprise in the future bloggings to come. In the last two years I've painted over 50 paintings in addition to what I painted before (about 33 paintings.) I'll show you at least one painting on every new blog. I've added my latest watercolor pen and ink painting to this blog. I call it, Butterflies- God's Wisps of Joy. I also make greeting cards, cups, bookmarks, magnets, prints..... and more. (I'll try to add a price list and maybe Paypal later too.

Till next time,
Keep finding joy in all the little things around you,



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